How to erase data completely from hard drive?

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Have you planned to sale or donate your computer or computer hard drive? You first take care of data that is stored on the hard disk. Before selling or donating you should erase hard drive data properly so that no one can misbehave with stored data. If your data is important in regard of security reason then you should first erase the data completely before selling or donating.

However there is a slight problem can occur when people go to erase hard disk data. This problem generally occur when someone just delete the files and empty the recycle bin. People think that data has deleted from the recycle bin so there is no possibility of recovery of the files. But it is big mistake of the people because when you delete the data from the computer only the image of the file is deleted; the data are still present until the data are overwritten with new data. These data or files can be retrieved by the use of Deleted data recovery software.


Some people take help of formatting option but this is also not safe. It is fact that simple deleting files and emptying the recycle bin or format the hard disk are not the perfect way to erase data from the hard disk permanently. Formatting doesn’t mean that file is unrecoverable. There are various methods and tools can be used to recover deleted or formatted data. In order to resolve this issue or to erase data completely you can use some of the powerful programs that can wipe data or files permanently from the system.

Stellar wipe is one of the best eraser software programs which are used erase hard drive data properly and painlessly. This software provides you easy steps to erase hard drive data in such a way that no any best data recovery specialist would be able to access your deleted or formatted files anymore. You can download stellar wipe online and make your files unrecoverable. It would be perfect option to wipe out the hard drive data permanently.

User Guide: How to Use Stellar Wipe

Step: 1

Wizard Intro: Brief description about Stellar Disk Wipe is given in the introductory page of the wizard. Please review the information carefully and then click Next to proceed.

Step: 2

Disk Selection: In this phase, the wizard will show all hard drives attached to the system along with its details such as Disk No., Disk Size, Model No. and Serial No. Hard disk(s) appears in the list according to the boot sequence configured in the BIOS. Stellar drive wipe

Step: 3

Choose Wipe Method:This phase of the wizard will provide you different wiping methods. The algorithms are arranged in such a way that the fastest one with maximum overwrite speed is on the top of the list and the algorithm with maximum number of passes towards the end.

Step: 4

Start Wipe: The final phase of the wizard will give the summary of what you have chosen. It will show the selected disk and wiping method. Review the summary carefully and click Finish to continue. Incase of any changes, you have an option to click Back and revise as required. Click Cancel, if you want to exit from the wizard.

Step: 5

Finish: As soon as you click Finish, confirmation message pops up. If you are sure to continue then click Yes to start wiping. When the process is complete, you get a message indicating that Stellar Disk Wipe has successfully wiped the selected hard disk.


System Requirements

Processor: Pentium Class

Operating system: Windows 7, Vista, XP and latest versions of MAC

Memory: Minimum 256 MB(512 MB recommended)

Hard Disk: 50 MB free hard disk space


While I was searching for a data deletion tool I got this software. The software worked really well and deleted all my hard drive data permanently. Data deletion was never as easy as with Stellar Wipe